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The SprintRay Pro Printer line is comprised of the most user friendly, powerful and reliable 3D printers in dentistry. The Pro 95 boasts a 216 sq cm creation platform and print speeds up to 5 cm/hr; productivity that puts it at the top of its class. A 7-inch touchscreen and powerful on-board computer provide an amazing user experience, not to mention the aesthetic features that will surely make you proud to display it as a centerpiece of your practice.


It features a 216 square centimeter platform and print speeds up to 5 centimeters per hour for an incredible boost in productivity. A 7” touchscreen with a powerful on-board computer provide an easy and reliable experience. And the design is both beautiful and durable, so it will look and work great in your practice for years to come.

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Additional information

Printing Technology

Mask Image Projection Stereolithography (SLA) Digital Light Processing (DLP) Direct Peel Mechanism Manual Resin Filling Easily Removable Supports

Print Volume

7.1" x 4" x 8" 18.2cm x 10.2cm x 20cm

Resin Curing Unit

SprintRay Custom-Built 1080P FHD Projector Texas Instruments DLP Chip 405nm LED LED-based Light Source 50,000 Hours Expected Lifetime

Resin Tank

500 mL Capacity Built-in Drain Vacuum Formed Protective Cover Up to 50 Liters Extended Lifetime

Unit Dimensions

W x D x H 14" x 16" x 20" 35cm x 40cm x 50cm W x D x H (When Open) 14" x 20" x 24" 35cm x 50cm x 61cm

Shipping Size & Weight

20" x 20" x 22" – 40 lb 53cm x 53cm x 58cm – 18 kg


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