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Medit i500 Intra-Oral Scanner

Full Service Package

Includes Remote Training

Includes Unlimited Remote and Phone Support

Includes Two Day 12 CE Hands on Digital Dentistry Training Course


Medit i500 Two Year Extended Manufacturer Warranty

Total of 36 Months of Manufacturer's Warranty

Your assistant is not going to tell you s/he dropped the camera at month 25.  S/He will tell you that the camera stopped working!

Medit T-710 Tabletop Scanner for Labs and Dentists


ICam Bodies

Replacement set of 8 ICamBodies (MU-RP) $3,520.00

The ICamBodies are for each implant interface type, currently a general Multi-Unit RP with a 1.4 mm screw. They come in a pack of 8 and are consumable at 50 uses each



Set of 8 ICamRefs Cylinder MU-RP
We recommend you also purchase DESS Multi-Unit Abutment Healing Caps


ICam Remote Installation and Training

ICam4D on-line installation and acquisition training, 3 hours


ICam4D Two Year Extended Warranty

Extend the warranty for a total of 36 months

SprintRay Pro-95 3D Printer

SprintRay Pro thas made the most user-friendly, powerful and reliable desktop printer in dentistry.


SprintRay Service Plan

Service and Support by SprintRay

Automated Processor

Pro-Cure Automated Post Processor

Exocad Ultimate Lab Bundle



This combination of technology allows you to capture the relationship of the implants to each other very precisely and merges it with the location of the soft tissue in the edentulous jaw, while aligning the maxilla and the mandible at the proper vertical dimension, while incorporating the tooth form and position into the equation.  The Medit intra-oral scanner can be used to record the occslusal relationship between the temporaries and/or arches, the software tissue and can even record the intra-oral abutments. A feature unique to Medit is the Artficial Implant Suprastructure Identification System, which allows you to import an STL file of your choice and merge it with a live scan. In this particular case, the STL file is of the numerous Multi-Unit Abutments imaged with the ICAM4D. The conventional approach would have forced the practitioner to capture these data sets and merge them in Computer Aided Design Software, often delaying treatment or requiring a verification step.

Introduction to Merging Intra-Oral Scan and Photogrammetry Models

The second video shows how the digital relationship between the multiple fixtures were captured using the Imetric ICam4D photogrammetry system. At first the camera is calibrated and then it is moved to the imaging of the flagposts that are placed on the MUA’s in the patients mouth. The software then exports the data sets in an stl format with implant positions digitally captured. This data is then imported into the Medit i500 software and merged clinically.  Once the data sets are merged, all of the data is accurately transferred for design. This data includes the teeth position and vertical dimension. This approach is unique to only Medit i500 and the ICam4d and eliminates unnecessary steps and, for most people, the verification jig step

If you do not plan on doing any design work, printing, or milling, you do not need any CAD software like exocad. A lot of users will use high grade printing materials to quickly verify the records before dismissing the patient. Full face scans can also be imported into the Medit i500 and incorporated into the equation.

Why do you need a printer?

Many advanced users print temporaries and other useful restorations. Some of our users print pre-made sectional verification jigs that fit to the MUA impression transfer abutment.  After surgery, to complement the IOS and Photogrammetry models,  they quickly seat these jigs on each abutment and lute them together with duralay or other material. This gives them a supplemental verification process where the prosthesis can be scanned in the impression mode and digitally merged with the other models or used to verify the final restorations the old fashioned way for reassurance as they transition from the analog to the digital world.

custom design and printed sectional verification jigs

Once the suprastructures are design, they can be printed and used as sectional verification jigs.  Post surgery, you can place the material on the transfer abutments, seat them on the abutments, and lute them together with duralay or some other rigid material.  You will then have an analog back up model that you can utilize for verification purposes.

printing small implant suprastructures

Additional information

Medit i500 Intra-Oral Scanner

Weight 25 lbs
Medit i500 Scanning Field of View

14 mm x 13 mm

Medit i500 Scanning Depth of View

from 12 mm's to 21 mm's


9.75 ounces

Handiece Length

266 mm

Features Included

License fee image acquisition and case transfers to labs or in office production machines, Portability

Establishment Registration & Device Listing

Proprietary Name: i500 Classification Name: SYSTEM, OPTICAL IMPRESSION, COMPUTER ASSISTED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING (CAD/CAM) OF DENTAL RESTORATIONS Product Code: NOF Device Class: 2 Regulation Number: 872.3661 Medical Specialty: Dental Registered Establishment Name: Medit Corp. Registered Establishment Number: 3013459470 Owner/Operator: Medit Corp. Owner/Operator Number: 10054469 Establishment Operations: Manufacturer

SprintRay Pro-95 3D Printer

Printing Technology

Mask Image Projection Stereolithography (SLA) Digital Light Processing (DLP) Direct Peel Mechanism Manual Resin Filling Easily Removable Supports

Print Volume

7.1" x 4" x 8" 18.2cm x 10.2cm x 20cm

Resin Curing Unit

SprintRay Custom-Built 1080P FHD Projector Texas Instruments DLP Chip 405nm LED LED-based Light Source 50,000 Hours Expected Lifetime

Resin Tank

500 mL Capacity Built-in Drain Vacuum Formed Protective Cover Up to 50 Liters Extended Lifetime

Unit Dimensions

W x D x H 14" x 16" x 20" 35cm x 40cm x 50cm W x D x H (When Open) 14" x 20" x 24" 35cm x 50cm x 61cm

Shipping Size & Weight

20" x 20" x 22" – 40 lb 53cm x 53cm x 58cm – 18 kg

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