SprintRay Pro 55 Protect a Smile Bundle


The SprintRay Pro Printer line is comprised of the most user friendly, powerful and reliable 3D printers in dentistry. The Pro 95 boasts a 216 sq cm creation platform and print speeds up to 5 cm/hr; productivity that puts it at the top of its class. A 7-inch touchscreen and powerful on-board computer provide an amazing user experience, not to mention the aesthetic features that will surely make you proud to display it as a centerpiece of your practice.

  • SprintRay Pro 55
  • Pro Wash/Dry
  • 1 bottle Night Guard FLEX resin
  • Pro Cure 2 Automated Processor
  • Premium Care Plan
  • 30 free nightguard Designs
  • 6 night guard designs for your office team
  • practice marketing kit


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