CAD-Ray Support

Our expertise in dental technology is unmatched and our accessibility is unparalleled. Our support team is growing and the number of ways you contact us cannot be counted. We prioritize our responses in the following manner:

  1. All questions posted to the support forum will be answered before all other messages (Effective September 16, 2019)
  2. Scheduled sessions booked in advance have second priority
  3. CAD-Ray Private Facebook Page for current owners will have third priority
  4. Email messages will have fourth priority
  5. Text messages we will get to at earliest convenience
  6. Unscheduled phone calls have sixth priority
  7. Facebook, What’s APP, and other instant messaging questions have 5th priority

To get the fastest response, please log in to the forum, and post your question there. We have video tutorials on 99.9999% of the questions that come up and can direct your to the correct resource very quickly through the forum