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Intra-Oral Scan and Face Scan for Smile Analysis

You will need 3 models to utilize all the features of the Medit Face Scan

  • Medit intra oral scan of upper and lower arches
  • 3D Face Scan (we recommend Bellus3D or other apps that capture to scale)
  • Medit i500 scan of teeth, lips, and nose (this model will be use to connect the two previous models together)


This video demonstrates how the Bellus3D software works. Once the images are captured, a 3D model is rendered and it can then be exported into any CAD software including the Medit iScan Program

face scan with Bellus3D

When you export the model, make sure that all the pertinent files accompany the folder, otherwise texture or color do not accompany the meshwork

The following videos demonstrate how to capture the scan of the teeth, the scan of the teeth and lips, and then the incorporation of the facescan into the equation. Notice how the facescan with the iPhone distorts teeth and can’t be relied upon to find the midline or address other cosmetic issues.

imaging with medit i500

3 thoughts on “Intra-Oral Scan and Face Scan for Smile Analysis

  1. How do you merge the dicom of the patient ?

  2. You can’t merge the dicom in this native software. You can however convert the dicom to a surface stl file and bring that in and merge them.

  3. Thank you. Can you share how can I best use this function in my cases ?