Medit i500 Intra-Oral Scanner

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A 2019 winner of the Red Dot award for product design, the Medit i500 intraoral scanner boasts a combination of design features second to none in dentistry. The flexible, open system allows for easy collaboration with external CADCAM equipment and easy export and transfer of STL files. Its high-speed cameras, slim design and pinpoint accuracy make it one of the most popular scanners on the dental market. Between the single button control, vivid color output and high-resolution display, the Medit i500 can be the scanning workhorse in your dental practice. Full Service Package Includes:

Remote Training
Unlimited Remote and Phone Support
Two Day 12 CE Hands on Digital Dentistry Training Course



The following videos demonstrates a  sample case where multiple occlusal relationships were captured so that we can fabricate an oral sleep appliance, in conjunction with implant planning in the lower left quadrant

Capture Multiple Vertical Dimensions

Capture Multiple Vertical Dimensions


Here’s a quick preview of an edentulous scan taken with the i700 where a metal bar is scanned as well. The whole complex was then related to the fractured overdenture and the opposing jaw.  The image capture is at real time

Edentulous Scans are Super Quick and Easy


This is a preview of segmental scanning, more properly termed Smart Scanning, which is a very intuitive way to build a large model in segments, freeing up your approach to imaging larger cases

Segmental Scanning Gives Great Flexibility


This video demonstrates the use of the orthodontic simulation app in the Meditlink software


The following videos demonstrate sample cases (

margin placement to transfer from dentist to lab with meditlink




The following videos demonstrate how the Medit i500 has artificial intelligence that can readily identify a dental implant scanbody, a direct abutment, or even an impression abutment (read more…)

Medit's i500 Artifical Intelligence Identifies Implant Fixture


The following videos demonstrate the unique “model closing” features of the Medit i500 software. This is essential for immediately printing models without unnecessary edits in third party software (read more…)

How To Create A Flat Base In The Model That Is Parallel To The Occlusal Plane


Full arch scans for aligners and other appliance can be tricky with a lot of intra-oral scanners. With some sound principles and easy tutorials you can image a full arch in very little time (read more…)




The following videos demonstrate how dual buccal bite captures can help a dentist to properly mount cases for aligners, occlusal guards, sleep apnea appliances (read more…)

double buccal bite for proper mounting of case

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Medit i500 Scanning Field of View

14 mm x 13 mm

Medit i500 Scanning Depth of View

from 12 mm's to 21 mm's


9.75 ounces

Handiece Length

266 mm

Features Included

License fee image acquisition and case transfers to labs or in office production machines, Portability

Establishment Registration & Device Listing

Proprietary Name: i500 Classification Name: SYSTEM, OPTICAL IMPRESSION, COMPUTER ASSISTED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING (CAD/CAM) OF DENTAL RESTORATIONS Product Code: NOF Device Class: 2 Regulation Number: 872.3661 Medical Specialty: Dental Registered Establishment Name: Medit Corp. Registered Establishment Number: 3013459470 Owner/Operator: Medit Corp. Owner/Operator Number: 10054469 Establishment Operations: Manufacturer

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  1. Armen Mirzayan

    Are you happy with the support and training you have received with our team at

    Our business grows much like yours, with referrals and recommendations. We would greatly appreciate a quick review / testimonial

    NOTE: All testimonials are submitted by verified owners.

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  2. drjohn

    I purchased my Medit scanner after the ADA meeting in 2018. I did it primarily on the personal recommendation of Armen Mirzayan, the owner of Cad-Ray. I have known Armen for over 15 years (we both were CEREC trainers) and he has always been unbelievably knowledgeable about dental technology and was always moving on the cutting edge.
    When you see Armen’s daily FB posts, it’s obvious that he is constantly pushing the envelope and exploring the limits of the Medit and the processes we use to idealize our push towards completely digital dentistry. Medit owners are fortunate to have Armen finding glitches and pushing for improvements in our scanner.
    As far as after sale service, I can’t find a flaw with Cad-Ray. You won’t find a more supportive and dentist-centered company. Armen and Frank do everything to make purchasers happy and back up their sales.
    I’ve heard of horror stories when people shopped elsewhere and only positive comments about Cad-Ray.
    In summary, buy your Medit and other high tech equipment from Cad-Ray, you will be totally satisfied.

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  3. Travis Kendall

    This scanner is amazing! It’s hard to believe that it is less then half the price of 3 shape with zero yearly charges. I highly recommend you give it a try!

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  4. glickmanchristensen

    I purchased the Medit i500 from Cad-Ray December 2018. I couldn’t be happier with the scanner. The improvements Medit has made over the last 10 months are nothing short of astounding! I can’t imaging what they’ll come up with next.

    As for Cad-Ray, their support has been second to none. Never have I experienced the kind of attention and help from any other company. Wether it’s with help installing, computer hardware issues or technical help they respond IMMEDIATELY!

    Armen is also a huge reason why I chose Cad-Ray. No one selling a product has helped me more evolve my scanning technique. He’s quick to respond to questions and issues I feel his service is a huge reason why to buy from CAD-RAY.

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  5. DrMitch57

    I purchased my medit i500 scanner about a year ago from CAD Ray, and I have been extremely happy with both the scanner and the service / support.
    Armen and Frank consider your purchase to be the beginning of your relationship with them, not the end. They do their best to make sure you learn everything you need to know in order to get the best possible results .
    They answer calls and messages promptly, and it never takes me very long to get my questions answered.
    I am VERY glad I bought from them, and not from one of the “big box” Dental Mega retailers.

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  6. Krupal Chhotu

    Finally going digital and Cad-Ray was the place to start. Got the Medit i500 and began scanning right away. Now I am doing digital dentures, making my own surgical stents, etc. The support available is the best. “Frank” is always available! 🙂

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  7. Gabriel Joel

    Medit i500 is an incredible scanner. I have experience with other types of scanners including IO and Desktop but this one is really impressive. It is blazing fast and takes beautiful scans. But more importantly is the company itself. Medit is an amazing company and is constantly trying to improve. They are always on the cutting edge and releasing new improvements all the time. They are always LISTENING to the customers on how to improve the scanning experience and change accordingly. The customer service is second to none. I highly recommend this scanner but even more highly recommend considering buying the scanner as a result of the great company and PEOPLE that stand behind it.

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    Best bang for your buck scanner on the market. we have been using out medit for 8 months now. love our crowns, margins are fantastic. almost no adjustments needed at all. maybe one in ten crowns might have to adjust mesial or distal to get crown to drop in. occlusion is always spot on. patients love the technology and WOW factor -“SOOO COOOLLL.” customer service is great also! dont waste your money on anythign else. our lab even comments on how easy it is to deal with medit and how good the scans are. they recommend it to their other doctors now as well.

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  9. Jacob Rogers

    I love this scanner. Seriously, how can you fit so much quality into the scanner, software and support and such a low price? Magic?!?! Probably. But, for real, we really like using this scanner and it produces great results. Best dental purchase I’ve ever made!

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    I have owned this scanner for six months now. I have experience with other scanners including Trios and Carestream. The Medit scanner can stand with the big names. The scanned images are good. The ease of communication through the software with the lab is probably my favorite part. Another thing I like is that the company is very open to improvements and listens to what its customers are wanting.
    Cad Ray has a great team working alongside this product and continually updates all of the users on new features or new ways to use existing features. They are extremely responsive to questions and provide fast and competent support to the product that they sell.
    I would recommend both the scanner and the company to anyone looking to get into the digital scanning world.

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  11. drmaryo

    Last year when I started looking into the Medit i500 I had my front desk call 3 sellers to get preliminary information. She told me hands down call CAD-RAY and don’t bother with the others. Boy was she right! Frank got us going with all our hardware needs and trained us until all our questions were answered. Then Jonathon and Armen jumped in at our 2 day live training in Baltimore. I still review my notes to implement all the great ideas. When I get myself in a jam time to time CAD-RAY responds immediately and fixes my problem. Best decision I have made in the practice in a long time – Thank you everyone at CAD-RAY!

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  12. Matt St George

    I had 3 Cerec machines and switched to medit. It’s awesome and do not regret the switch one bit. This is the place to buy it bc Armen and Frank are a wealth of knowledge and Frank is awesome with support. He’s always there whenever I need him!

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  13. m.koperly

    I love my medit scanner. I purchase many dental equipments each year and by far it’s the best thing I got for the bucks I spent ( beating my 6 digits equipments ).
    We have omnicam and I hated it, multiple crushes, expensive monthly service fee, horrible support, etc. I was so frustrated and had to look for an alternative. Many mentioned itero to me and I was about to purchase it and suck another monthly fee until I came by Armen’s video about medit on one of the Facebook group in 2018. I was surprised with the image and the speed and started digging more and contacted Frank to explain the scanner more. Ended purchasing it late 2018 and I’m a happy user Since after. The support is excellent, Frank is there when you need any help plus the Facebook community is there to answer anything. Recently, I attended Armen’s course to learn how to mill from the medit and I got shocked by the AI and the options that the software has. This machine is a beast and you won’t regret it getting it from Armen and Frank. They go beyond and not like other salesman or equipments where you are left behind after they sale you and finish their training. We are in 2020 and I still get the same support as I bought it in 2018.

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  14. Suresh Goel

    I have enjoyed using the Medit i500 scanner. Previously I had two 3Shape scanners, however, the yearly fees were adding up and there are no ongoing fees with the Medit. Quality is great, and support has also been solid. Overall very happy with this purchase.

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  15. Sherif Gabr

    I have been suing the Medit i500 scanner for a little over 2 months now and I have had great success. I have used it for implant cases, immediate dentures and single unit crowns.

    What I like the most is that the software is continuously improving and adding new features.

    You really can not ask for more than that! Great product, excellent support and a software development team that listens to their customers feedback!

    Very happy with my purchase!!!

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  16. arshyadentalpllc

    I do not know if it is okay to use the F word on this page. But I F@#KING LOVE MY MEDIT with the new filters now.
    Scan the teeth with the middle filter, then go to the first 1 and get the palate in less than 1 minute. AMAZING

    I have since sold my ITERO and JUST HATE my OMNICAM EVERYDAY.

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  17. Kristian Dietz

    My wife and I practice together and bought our first i500 in August of 2018. This was very early on before Armen had a vast number of technique and online support articles in his blog! Little was publicly known at the time about this new scanner but I felt confident in my purchase for a few reasons: 1) Armen had validated the product and was standing behind it… I knew of Armen from DentalTown and had many years of public posts to evaluate his character; 2) Limited demos available at the time; 3) some clinical accuracy data out of Europe that required zooming in on a powerpoint presentation that was recorded second-hand via camera phone ha! SO needless to say, I put a lot of eggs in the “Armen is standing behind this product” basket. We have NOT been disappointed. From personalized service from both Frank and Armen, to our vast success and joy using the product and deciding in late 2018 to buy a second Medit i500, I have nothing but good things to say about the product and Cad-Ray. What a bunch of self-less individuals. Armen has offered to remote in and I even took him up on the offer once and he remoted in immediately to take a look at something. Good luck getting service like this from ANYONE else in the industry. Cheers to digital dentistry with the RIGHT partner. Kristian C. Dietz, DDS

    Image #1 from Kristian Dietz
    Image #2 from Kristian Dietz
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  18. Steven Polasek

    The cad ray team is the best! Jon and Nick offer first class service! I ordered a medit i500 from another supplier and had to cancel my order after it had not arrived within 3 weeks. Placed my order with Jon and Nick, had the scanner to me within 24 hours of purchase. I love my medit! Best scanner on the market!

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  19. Robert Mabry

    I don’t scan in my practice my assist does. She says it’s awesome. Better than the trios or cerecs we have had in the past. The image quality while designing cases is amazing. Haven’t seated a restoration from it yet but expect it to be great as well.

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  20. drbenson

    For me, getting this scanner was not a choice between Medit vs Itero or Medit vs Trios. Those companies have already eliminated themselves from consideration based on ridiculous cost, ridiculous ongoing fees, and greater concern for petty proprietary posturing than for ensuring full functionality of their products to their usership. Typical dental tech company stuff.
    The real decision was between Medit vs continuing life in analog dentistry. Medit through Cad-ray was really the only choice. Awesome packages , awesome access to free training videos, awesome software updates, awesome access to live support, awesome support staff.
    There’s just nothing better in dentistry than to get a great product AND a chance to stick it to the man.

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  21. kenneth kim

    Purchased Medit in 2019. Bang for the buck best investment and will get you started in digital dentistry with ease. No monthly subscriptions and Cad-Ray support is amazing. No regrets.

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  22. Aaron Olson

    This product is the best out there. Do the math and your ROI makes more sense than most products we purchase as dentists. Get on the digital train or you’ll be left behind. This is the best product to make the jump with.

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  23. Oleg Eisenstein

    Great products and services. Highly recommended

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  24. drjohn

    This is my second review. I posted the first after having Medit for about 9 months. Loved it then, had great success with using the scanner to take full arch scans for clear aligner therapy, study models, removable partials, and crown and bridge. Have kept using it and am still very happy with the Medit and with Cad-Ray. The scanner takes care of so many things in a way that impresses patients and pleases lab techs. Whenever I hit a computer glitch, I call Armen, Frank or any other members of the gang and my problems are solved quickly and without drama.

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  25. Yaqi Mu

    I absolutely love using the Medit i500 Intra-oral scanner!!! The i500 scanner is small and easy to use on all patients. It is fast and gives a very clear image. I also think its very cool that you can change the music setting to whatever song you may like! I have used a few different scanners since i have been a dental assistant and have had several complications as far as: how long the scanner would take to load the image, The scanner not catching the image and even the system constantly kicking me out. With the i500 intra-oral scanner i have the BEST experience. I am happy and my patients are happier! I recommend the Medit i500 Intra-oral scanner to anyone who has never used it before! You wont be disappointed! 5 Stars for sure!!!!
    – Samantha Brown @ Southern Oak Dental in Conway SC.

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  26. Cana Pasierb

    Cad-Ray has been excellent with support and training. They respond promptly and have a vested interest in your success with the products that they supply.

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  27. Roopam Garg

    I purchased Medit scanner few weeks ago . Frank and Nick have been really excellent answering my questions promptly. The scanner itself is wonderful with no back fees , customer service is top notch. The entire team works fast and helps you out. I strongly recommend this scanner!

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  28. W Timothy Brooks

    Excellent fast color scanner. A great improvement over my old proprietary scanner. Easy to learn software and great free technical support.

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  29. modclinic

    Love my medit! Cad-ray has been awesome to work with and very educational in learning all things digital . Was doing a study club with 4 other dr’s showing off the medit and the cerec dr who had just bought the newest kept saying, “mine doesn’t do that. No way! I wish mine could do that. For real? I paid 4 times as much.”
    Needless to say the medit is awesome.

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  30. michael kim

    Great scanner, even better customer support. I text John everyday and he always gets back to me in a timely manner with all my questions.

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  31. Ryan Crain

    I love my Medit and Cad-Ray has been so easy to work with, both from a sales and support standpoint.

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  32. Daniel Hwang

    Fantastic scanner and best company to buy from. They make sure you are happy with your product. Armen, Frank, and team are the best. High recommendations for CADRAY and the i500.

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  33. Evelyn Chan

    Going with CAD-RAY and Laura is one of best investment I’ve made year 2020 ( I have MEDIT 500). Jumping into scanning is something that intimidated me since I am not a techie person and taking PVS impression is something second nature to me. Laura made everything a breeze, she is very accomodating and most importantly responds so fast, I never felt left out. Attending the level 1 course of Armen M. was awesome , learned the basics and it was taught in a way so easy to apply. Since my first scan, I never looked back, thinking to myself , I should have done this earlier. The crowns comes back with little to no adjustements which saves a lot of chair time. Cannot get better than this. Big shout out to CAD-RAY, Laura and Armen

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  34. Micah Bickel

    Great support services and training from Cad-Ray, they are always very helpful and responsive. I have been using the I500 in my offices for the last two years and loving it.

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  35. William Neurauter

    As a small office, making the move to digital impression dentistry was a rather large commitment. After much research we settled on the Medit i500. We almost purchased from our implant supplier but were less than impressed with their training and support options. After additional research we found Cad-Ray and couldn’t be happier that we purchased from them. Their online tutorials and live support have been second to none. Having such a great support network behind the Medit made the transition and purchase so much better than it could have been had we gone a different route.

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  36. Franco Picofazzi

    Great product at an affordable price, not to mention Andy’s help at customer service. Highly recommended.

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  37. Dr Grace Simco

    I bought I500 scanner two years ago. The scanner is great and the service is excellent. I have contacted Heather Gramley and Andy Nova about the updates of my scanner recently. They are absolutely amazing people. They go above and beyond. They represent the company very well.

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