3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanners


The Trios 5 or 4 Intra-Oral Scanner are premium devices that  come as a wireless option, than can be connected to a cart (Move+) or a laptop (Pod). They do not have a wired version.

The Trios 3 can be wireless or wired  as well.  Furthermore, you can utilize the scanner without any patient engagement apps in the basic model.

Move+ = Mobile Flat Screen All in One Display
Pod = Connected to a computer cart

From: $25,900.00
From: $22,400.00


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  1. jeremiah choi

    Never had customer care like Cad-Ray, you can’t go wrong purchasing through them. Trios is a great scanner. All the reps at Cad-Ray are very knowledgeable and helpful and will make sure you are up and running smoothly. Above and beyond customer service.

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