Z4 by VHF Milling Machine

Introduction and Overview of VHF Milling Machines

The VHF product line offers you a lot of flexibility and automation.  Once you have a restoration designed in exocad, you can nest the restoration within exocad and then send it to the milling machine for fabrication.

Alternatively, you can export the designed restoration to the DentalCAM and DentalCNC software for VHF, where all the materials and parameters are pre-configured.

To keep it simple, the pros of automation is ease of operation, but the modular platform of the VHF software gives you a lot more control over the processing of the restoration.  You have both choices available to you, but recognize that you need to purchase the nesting software for exocad separately from the design module CAD-Ray provides with the milling machine.

The VHF software is included with the price of the machine, which also gives you the flexibility to fabricate restorations designed outside of exocad (any stl file will work as long as you understand the limitations of a 4 axis milling machine)