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The i700 is Medit’s next great leap above the Red Dot award-winning i500. With improved design features, the i700 is the greatest combination of performance and portability on the market today. It can be directly connected to the PC without a power hub and extra cabling, making mobility and maintenance an afterthought. With speeds up to 70 fps, improved mirror angle, reversible tip and detachable cable, the i700 has everything to put it at the top of its class of intraoral scanners.
Intra-Oral Scanner 
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New Era In Intra-Oral Scanning

Medit i700 Two Year Extended Manufacturer Warranty

Your assistant is not going to tell you s/he dropped the camera at month 25.  S/He will tell you that the camera stopped working!

Medit Free Promo Laptop HP ZBook G10 with 3 Year Support

Core i7-13th Gen

RTX 4070

32g Ram

Medit Promo - Rebate option instead of laptop

Core i7-13th Gen

RTX 4070

32g Ram

Additional information

Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 17.32 × 11.02 × 8.27 in
Scanning Frame

Up to 70 Frames Per Second

Imaging Technology

3D in motion technology
3D full color streaming capture

Light Source


Anti Fogging Technology

Adaptive Anti-Fogging

Tip Information

Size: 22.2 x 15.9 mm
Mirror Angle: 45 degree angle which makes it easier to scan the distal of molars
Autoclavable: Up to 100 times (121 Celsius for 30 minutes or 134 Celsius for 4 minutes)
Reversible Tip: Yes

Medit i700 Scanning Field of View

15 mm x 13 mm

Medit i700 Scanning Depth of View

from 12 mm to 21 mm


245 grams
8.64212 ounces

Handiece Length

248 x 44 x 47.4 mm

Features Included

License fee image acquisition and case transfers to labs or in office production machines, Portability

34 reviews for Medit i700 – Now $16,000 with $2k Rebate or Free Laptop

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  1. Armen Mirzayan

    Are you happy with the support and training you have received with our team at

    Our business grows much like yours, with referrals and recommendations. We would greatly appreciate a quick review / testimonial

    NOTE: All testimonials are submitted by verified owners.

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  2. Gary Benson

    Our orthodontic office is new to scanning and printing, but CAD-Ray, Laura, Medit, and SprintRay have made the whole transition a huge win. Our first scan and print was cleaner than any traditional impression/pour up we’ve ever produced. On our first full clinic day, we scanned 14 arches and managed to stay on schedule! We were waiting for this technology to be affordable, fast, accurate, and reliable, and we can now say we are there. Thanks for all your help and ongoing support.

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  3. Christopher Godla

    I have had my Medit i700 scanner for about 2 months now and have completed 67 restorative cases with it. Scans have generally been pretty quick, and the accuracy seems to be superior to the iTero I used. My first scanner ended up dying after a few weeks. Medit and cad-ray were great- they sent a new scanner within the week and haven’t had any problems since. Customer service has been spot on. Overall I have been very satisfied.

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  4. Sweta Gunnell

    Frank was awesome. He was very informative and helpful with training us on the system. He answered all of our questions and was very quick with response to emails or questions. Very fun and outgoing and just 100% a great trainer

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  5. Keith Bracy

    My rep Nick at Cad-ray was very helpful in my purchase of the Medit i700. So far, I love the scanner and have no regrets about my purchase. The setup and support from the company have been seamless as well and the purchase process with financing!
    I was considering the new itero as well and happy I got the Medit instead! The lightweight scanner as well as no monthly ongoing fees was what ultimately won me over, as well as the robust software.

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  6. Nancy Hartrick

    I am absolutely in love with my MEDIT i700, as is my entire staff. The Medit i700 is reliable, fast, easy to use and the software is incredibly intuitive. I couldn’t be happier with the team at CAD-Ray. They are true professionals, and very hands and responsive in terms of their support and training. Thank you to the entire team.

    Image #1 from Nancy Hartrick
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  7. blakesherrick-q6S

    The Medit i700 is a game changer in speed and overall comfort for patients. I find it much smaller than other brands and have done almost 50 appliances/aligner cases the past 2 months with no fit issues from my lab. Love this scanner!

    Dr. Sherrick
    Auburn Lakes Orthodontics

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  8. Benjamin Polan

    A while ago I became interested in an intra oral scanner for my office especially for dental sleep medicine and TMJ appliances. I searched online for Medit and found cad ray. Laura from Cad-ray quickly responded and set up a zoom meeting so she could demo the unit. Great job at helping me understand. She set up the financing and I got my unit. A few glitches with my internet speed and getting IT to help with my upload and download speeds and I was ready to go. Every time I had a question I texted Laura and almost like she was waiting for my call she responds. We it turned out my unit wasn’t just right so she immediately responded we will replace you unit. Laura has been a joy to work with and the customer service given will only encourage me to do business with cad-ray again.
    Benjamin Polan DMD, D,ABDSM

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  9. Steven Acker

    The i700 provides amazing ease of use and versatility for any digital restorative application. It’s been game changing for our practice. CAD-Ray’s amazing support and Medit’s constant improvement of the software are revolutionary. I’ve been taking digital impressions for over 15 years with other systems and nothing comes close to the Medit.

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  10. Aram Grigoryan

    I’m really grateful with the service CAD-Ray has provided! I’m also very happy with Laura’s presentation with the Medit i700, and overall help in choosing the right scanner for my practice. I’m really happy with the scanner and the SprintRay Pro 95 Printer as well. Thank you.

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  11. ed borio

    I was dragging my feet before purchasing my first scanner because I was apprehensive of the effort required to change to a digital workflow. Laura assured me my fears were overblown and because of her patience and exceptional training abilities it has been a rewarding and relatively seamless transition to the world of scanning. I never dreamed implementation would have been this easy and its attributed to Laura’s skillful training ability. The scanner is wonderful and powerful, but we would have never been able to unlock its potential without her assistance.

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  12. Archstone Weatherford

    Medit i700 intraoral scanner is the first scanner that I actually used on my patients. Before I put my hands on it, I had some prejudices against all scanners. They were bulky, laggy in capturing the images, etc. When I finally had the chance to use an intraoral scanner and get introductory training with Laura from CAD-RAY a few weeks ago, I totally changed my view of this product. Very soon, I was able to scan crown, bridge, and even denture cases. Of course, I have had some knowledge about the digital scanner from CEs provided in the past, but being able to apply it in the daily practice in such a short time was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend MEDIT i700 and training from CAD-RAY.
    Big thanks to Laura!
    -Lei Fu, D.D.S.

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  13. jeff-J65

    You guys are great! I have been a Cerec user for about a decade and wanted to expand my horizons. I bought the I700 and have just loved it. We don’t do impressions any more, only scanning, even for the full arch. The customer service has been excellent, even though I haven’t had any problems with the scanner. I really like the online learning modules, they have been awesome getting me up to speed with the scanner quickly. I am looking forward to some of the in person courses to maximize the usefulness of this scanner. — Jeff Allred, DDS FAGD DABOI FAAID

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  14. Zachary Breen

    I purchased the Medit i700 from CAD-Ray back in May and the purchasing process, setting-up and trouble shooting has been extremely easy and straight forward with CAD-Ray. The Medit i700 is one of the best, if not the best, scanner I have used in the past 5 years of using intraoral scanners. Recently I ran into a software issues with my scanner and I am extremely impressed with CAD-Ray and Medit’s timely manner in addressing my issue. Within minutes I was on the phone with them and they had my concerns addressed and solved. I previously recommended a few colleagues to CAD-Ray and I will continue to recommend with even greater enthusiasm. I am very pleased with their customer service and the Medit i700. Thank you CAD-Ray!

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  15. Eric Bailey

    Couldn’t be happier with the support I’ve gotten from these guys. Trouble-shooting a problem real time so you can call a patient and get them right back in with a solution is extremely hard customer service to match. Thanks a ton and no question where I’ll be going for any more purchases!

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  16. Zachary Hickman

    High quality scanner. Super fast. Have been happy with the support that Cad-Ray has offered. I really like the innovative technology that medit allows users to implement into their practice.

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  17. Brent Hale

    Been using my i700 for a month now and it’s been great. The tutorials that Cad-ray provides have been very helpful. This scanner with a fast computer turns out great results.

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  18. Ryan Anardi

    Just ordered my i700 yesterday and it ships today. Customer support has been amazing in answering all my questions completely. Looking forward to my delivery day like a kid at Christmas.

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  19. David Paquette

    Cad-Ray has been super-efficient and very easy to work with! Highly recommend them for Medit sales and support!

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  20. David Paquette

    Awesome customer service and training! Cad-Ray has been excellent to work with!

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  21. Monika Reyes

    For a few years I have been hesitating to get an intra oral scanner. I finally made the decision to get one and it turned out to be the best purchase I made in 2021!I love my Medit i700!

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  22. Page Barden

    I have just recently purchased the Medit i700, and although it is “on its way” I have to comment on the support that I have already received, especially from Nick. He walked me through the benefits and features of the scanner and the transaction was extremely easy. I can only think that the rest of the onboarding will be the same and in six months I will revisit this site and be extremely grateful I made the purchase.

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  23. Shahnam Shifteh

    I just ordered my i700 and am
    Very excited to get into the digital world of dentistry and Nick was extremely helpful with answering any questions and helping to put the order together.

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  24. Alexandra Lentz

    Cad-Ray has been awesome to work with, very knowledgeable and quick to respond. Nick has been answering all my questions since day 1 and made the entire process of purchasing the Medit i700 a breeze. Can’t believe how quick the product shipped and cannot wait to start scanning with it!

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  25. Anu Isaac

    I am a new user of Medit i500. My rep Andy was very good with the training & very detailed & patient with the whole process. The online support is one of the best. I ordered it from CADRay. The purchasing process was quick & easy. Installation was also fairly straightforward. The staff is excited about the purchase. Can’t wait to use it. Highly recommend purchasing it. Good practice booster.

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  26. Stuart Adam

    Amazing team!

    Andy was amazing with explaining everything needed to be successful with the medit i700 and encouraged me to give CADRAY a call if I have any questions in the future. I have some colleagues that have regarded CADRAY as the gold standard for service and I can now say that I completely agree. Thank you!

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  27. Jennifer Hastings

    Andy was wonderful with setting everything up and explaining everything. The Medit i700 has been great thus far, easy set up! The only “issue” is that it can be occasionally glitchy.

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  28. Maureen Copeland

    Our office has been really happy with the i700 scanner so far. It was really easy to set up and use after watching only, 1-2 of the videos Cad-ray has on the website. Training with Andy was a breeze! Looking forward to taking level 2 training soon.

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  29. Amber Thomas

    Andy was very patient and informative during our Medit Training. He made sure that we understood exactly what we needed to know in order to be successful during scans. Since our training we’ve moved full steam ahead in completing scans for lab fabrications of crowns, bridges, and Invisalign. Thanks so much!!!

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  30. Chase Benson

    New technology can be intimidating, but this i700 is user friendly and is everything you could ask for in regards to a great scanner. Cad-ray also made the transition easy and smooth. Customer support here is unreal. Telling all my dental buddies about these guys, and plan to make more purchases in the future.

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  31. Madhavi Chavda

    Still beginner to use IO scanner. best customer service. Live training was very useful. Andy Nova was great in improving my skill for scanning and showing me all features. Thank you.

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  32. Michelle Duong

    We are a new user of Medit i600. My rep Andy was very good with the training & very detailed & patient with the whole process. The online support is one of the best. Installation was also easy and straightforward. Our staff is really happy with this new addition to our office. Thank you

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  33. Michelle Duong

    Our office is new to using the Meditscan so far we love it. Our rep andy was so detailed and great with the training. Everything has been good so far and easy. Defenitely recommend.

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  34. Donghyun Noh

    Just purchased i700 and had training with Andy.
    Andy was very patient and informative . He went through everything and made sure I was comfortable with my equipment before leaving. I am really excited about this new technology.

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