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A Preview of the Fastest Way to Design a Large Temporary Prosthesis


One of the most challenging designs to do chairside is the design of a multi unit temporary that needs to be printed.  This is incredibly time consuming as you spent significant amount of time just marking margins on a dozen units.  With this technique pioneered by CAD-Ray you can bypass the margination step and design a large case in about a minute.

Short Version

There are specific rules and steps you need to follow and one mis-step can cost you a lot of time.  You must also understand that you need to keep slicing software limitations in mind so you are not frustrated with the results.  Here is a summary:

  1. you cannot have any holes or gaps in any model or between two models that you are trying to combine/unite
  2. you must understand the difference between working and non working surfaces and how to manipulate them
  3. in your wax up designs, you must make sure that the wax up model ALWAYS extends past the margins of your preps.
More Detailed Version

More Detailed Version

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