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Creating Your Own Dental Morphology Library

Medit Orthodontic Simulation application allows you to segment out individual teeth from patient scans into an stl format that you can use as a template for smile design wax-ups. You have to watch the vide for it to make sense

Export individual morphology
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Measuring Intra-Oral Scanner Accuracy and How Accurate is the Medit Scanner?

Still not a single article published that says Medit ios is a good scanner ! its just been user driven for 3 years now.


it’s a good thing, because the world just changed. it is irresponsible to extrapolate research done outside the mouth on stone models or impressions into clinical significance with intra-oral scanning. There are parameters that are impossible to quantify like focal distance throughout the scan (unlike desktop scanners with known focal distances), the codes use to do the algorithms, the scan patterns, and also how light is treated by enamel, dentin, and restored materials.


i can’t believe people still use terms like trueness and accuracy when they really don’t even exist when you scan intra-orally. Like analog impressions, it is impossible to judge digital impression accuracy LIVE while it is happening.


Enter Medit! There are a few distinct ways to demonstrate an accurate scan live while it is happening. One way is to import a geometric shape that doesn’t alter its form while models are being rendered. That’s what’s demonstrated here. To my knowledge no one has ever studied this approach because no other camera lets you do this. i did see some publications where the authors attached objects like radiographic markers and after it was processed, they could measure that object and see if it distorted or not, but nothing at this level.


You can download the case and design along

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Medit’s Model Builder and Ortho Simulation Apps and the American Board of Orthodontics Electronic Cast Radiograph Evaluation (CRE)

The following information is from the The American Board of Orthodontics. We preview how the Medit Ortho Simulation and Model Builder can satisfy their criteria

AOB Standards and Medit
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Introducing the Medit Model Builder

Medit has many free applications, including Smile Analysis, Orthodontic Simulation, and now, Medit Model Builder

Adding bases has been a feature for a while but as usual, Medit was quick to respond to its users’ request by expanding the base to including holes for drainage in printing and by allowing us to add support pins to the models.  Many people who have printers, whether labs or clinicians, easily lose the proper vertical relationship when they print the models.  By adding these pins, it allows you to index the models properly for any finishing work someone may need to do.

Advanced users are unlikely to use this feature for a single unit, but it comes in handy for oral appliances, particularly when they have advanced the jaw to open the airway. Oh, and this app is free and you can use it with models created by any scanner

Medit Model Builder