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Trios 4 Intra-Oral Scanner

Trios 4 only comes in wireless format as a pod or as a Move + item

Trios 3 Wireless Intra-Oral Scanner

Trios 3 Scanners can be wireless or wired. The basic model does not include the powerful patient engagement applications

Trios 3 Wired Intra-Oral Scanner Includes Patient Engagement Applications

Trios 3 Basic and Wired Intra-Oral Scanner Does Not Include Patient Engagement Applications

Medit i700 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit i600 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit i500 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Shining3D Intra-oral and Desktop Scanners

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Do NOT use the Double Cord Technique in the Traditional Manner for Digital Impressions

There is a concept in digital dentistry that is called “mixing good and bad data”.  What you have to appreciate is that two different objects can’t occupy the same space ...

Medit’s Artificial Implant Supra-structure Identification System in Action

In this presentation we detail the implant suprastructure identification system where an existing abutment is removed and scanned extra-orally to capture the margins readily after the abutment is anodized ...

Capturing a Dynamic Bite with the Trios 4 Wireless Scanner

In this video we demonstrate for new and potential users of digital dentistry a implant restoration where the dynamic bite is captured.  We initially imaged the upper and lower jaws ...

Introducing the Medit i700 Wireless Intra-Oral Scanner

In April of 2022, Medit launched its wireless version of the i700 intra-oral scanner.  We’ve been testing it ever since and are impressed with the range that it has. You ...

Full Mouth Rehab under Sedation

  the patient was sedated and intubated for the case so we could not keep track of the bite. Instead, we imaged all 30 prepared teeth and used medit compare ...