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Trios 4 Intra-Oral Scanner

Trios 4 only comes in wireless format as a pod or as a Move + item

Trios 3 Wireless Intra-Oral Scanner

Trios 3 Scanners can be wireless or wired. The basic model does not include the powerful patient engagement applications

Trios 3 Wired Intra-Oral Scanner Includes Patient Engagement Applications

Trios 3 Basic and Wired Intra-Oral Scanner Does Not Include Patient Engagement Applications

Medit i700 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit i600 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit i500 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Shining3D Intra-oral and Desktop Scanners

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Preview of Medit Compare Used in Merging Models, Modifying Them, Inverting Them, and Relating Them to Each Other with Medit Compare

This case shows how to relate models to each and maintain their relationships. It features the power of the Medit Compare app that lets you duplicate models, trim them, modify ...

Clinux-Breaking the Barriers of CAD Design Software

The CAD-Ray team is happy to announce that CAD design software has experienced a breakthrough. One of the hurdles of using design software has always been that it was created ...

Introducing the Medit i700!

We recently helped Medit launch its i700 Intra-Oral Scanner in Las Vegas.  See the videos for demonstrations and interesting interviews Medit i700 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners ...

Saving an Integrated Implant by Treating it as a Cast Post and Core by Combining Medit i700 Intra-Oral Scan with a Physical Impression of fixture’s Internal Shape

This implant was initially placed at the crest of the ridge in 2012.  its placement did not allow proper emergence profile and subsequently lost bone around the head of the ...

Scanbody Search in Meditlink Software

To use the Artificial Implant Suprastructure Identification Software to identify a scanbody, you have to understand how it is listed in the library.  It is not listed by the name ...