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Expert CADCAM, CBCT Imaging, and 3D Printing

Save yourself tens / hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of headaches. We’ve made every mistake possible so you don’t have to!  CAD-Ray is a peer to peer, dentist owned, solutions company. We distribute intraoral scanners, desktop scanners, and computer aided design (CAD) software. We also distribute milling machines and computer tomography (CT) machines. While we sell technology, we are committed to customer experience.  Support and training is in our DNA.  We are the market leaders in the dental industry with 20 years of experience in CAD/CAM and CT technologies, providing unparalleled support and training for the products we distribute. We have trained over 15,000 dentists and can help you integrate these technologies into your practice, at a pace you are comfortable with. The product line we offer is designed with your success in mind:

  • We offer solutions that you allow you to stay modular and flexible, where you can replace, upgrade and add components to grow your business.
  • We make sure your investments are patient driven, not dictated by the industry or manufacturer’s interests.
  • Our mission statement is embedded in our business name; we want to make sure that you can utilize any digital impression system you want with any CT X-ray machine, producing a wide variety of restorations and implant related prosthesis / components.
Introduction to CAD/CAM and CT Technology

In order to make an informed purchase decision, there are some basic principles you should appreciate. Watch the video that explains how digital dentistry works. A digital scan, whether intra-oral or extra-oral, produces a file with specific data sets which can be manipulated. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) software will then formulate a proposal that will need fabrication (either printing or milling).  The resulting algorithm is then calculated by Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software that takes certain specifics into consideration; like the material, the drills and the type of milling or printing machine. It’s important to understand how the CAD and CAM work together- some systems provide you automation, while others give you the greatest flexibility so that you can incorporate new and emerging technologies.

Medit i700 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit i500 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit T-Series Tabletop Scanners

CADCAM Software

Imes-Icore Milling Machines

Printing Materials

Shining3D Intra-oral and Desktop Scanners

ICam4D Photogrammetry by Imetric

Milling Materials

CBCT Machines

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Single Click Launches Shining3D CAD Program

Single Click Launches Shining3D CAD Program

Shining3d has a projector and a single camera that takes photos of the surfaces it is scanning. at first, you may think this is a shortcoming, but in many ways, ...
ICam4D and DESS Multi Unit Abutments

ICam4D and DESS Multi Unit Abutments

it’s here! well technically it is crossing the atlantic. the icam4d’s are on their way. separate from that, after i think a year long search, we have decided to carry ...
CAD-Ray Bridging Software Allows you to Export and Autolaunch CAD Programs

CAD-Ray Bridging Software Allows you to Export and Autolaunch CAD Programs

Thanks to Justin Shafer who created a script for us that allows you to export an stl file to a specific directory, where  you create a subfolder for each program ...
Coritec One Mill Times with Icam (Millbox) Update Spring 2020

Coritec One Mill Times with Icam (Millbox) Update Spring 2020

This molar’s suggested mill times with the MCXL are for either Size 12 or 14 blocks: Sprue on distal in normal speed mode is 14:05 minutes, fast speed at 7:54 ...
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