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Trios 4 Intra-Oral Scanner

Trios 4 only comes in wireless format as a pod or as a Move + item

Trios 3 Wireless Intra-Oral Scanner

Trios 3 Scanners can be wireless or wired. The basic model does not include the powerful patient engagement applications

Trios 3 Wired Intra-Oral Scanner Includes Patient Engagement Applications

Trios 3 Basic and Wired Intra-Oral Scanner Does Not Include Patient Engagement Applications

Medit i700 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit i600 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Medit i500 Intra-oral and Hand-Held Scanners

Shining3D Intra-oral and Desktop Scanners

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Clinux, Sicat Implant Planning and Surgical Stent Design, CEREC  Milling CAM

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Medit T-Series Tabletop Scanners

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Submit to Panthera Dental Directly

Until recently, when you submitted a case to Panthera Dental for a Obstructive Sleep Apnea Device, they would manufacture it and send it to one of their partner labs. This ...

Submitting Models for Panthera Obstructive Sleep Apnea Device

It is a good idea to attach support pins to your models so labs don’t lose the vertical dimension and the protrusive position you captured ...

Introducing Medit’s Abutment Registration Feature

Medit’s software allows you to remove and pre-existing abutment and scan it outside the mouth. This allows you to find your margins without ever having to displace the tissue or ...

Anterior Crown Prep and Model Creator with Die

Here is a preview of the new Medit Model Builder with Ditched Dies where you can print the arches with support pins and separate dies   Download the case and ...

Full Arch Implant Planning Set Up with Medit i700

This used to be such a long process and we can bust them out in no time. take upper and lower scans in a minute. add lip… Posted by Armen ...