About CAD-Ray.com

What is CAD-Ray?

CAD-Ray.com is a dental technology sales and support platform unique in the dental industry. We are a peer to peer company, owned by dentists and industry leading innovators.

We are the ONLY technology specific dealer with a focus on education. Our disruptive model strives to keep costs down, and support at the forefront.

The products we sell are aimed to make digital dentistry accessible to every practice. We are committed to solutions that are clinically proven, easy to use, and most importantly have no strings attached such as ongoing support or fees.

Our value added platform gives our customers unprecedented access to our support team through phone, email, text and social media. We are committed to social sharing, and constantly update our support library, as well as our clinical blog.

Everyone at CAD-ray.com is a clinical specialist, and we can guide you through all types of cases from simple to complex.

The Medit i500 scanner, our milling machines and software are just the beginning.

While we sell equipment, CAD-Ray.com is committed to customer experience.