CAD-Ray Global Distribution- Exocad



  • Preference is given to the following order
    1. Multilingual dentist working with a Medit Dealer
    2. Multilingual dentist with a Medit Scanner
    3. Multilingual lab technician with a Medit Scanner
    4. Multilingual dentist with exocad knowledge
    5. Multilingual dentist
    6. Medit Dealer
  • The website membership fee is $500, $400 will be paid to you for each member that registers from your designated territory/country
  • Profit share sales of exocad software in your territory / country (terms will be discussed with you after you sign a non disclosure agreement and new pricing structure is revealed by exocad)
  • You are responsible for translating the text and videos.  Phase 1 will focus on Medit and exocad videos
  • You are responsible for training and supporting doctors in your territory / country
  • You can promote your own course in your designated territory / language on your language specific pages
  • These terms are subject to change until official launch

How does it work?

After you have been approved a username and password will be provided to you.  You can then take the following code ?language_edit=2  or click on this link and then choose the appropriate flag for your designated language and start editing the content.  Here is a video that shows you how

how to translate cad-ray into a foreign language

Collaborator / Translator Application: