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CAD-Ray Obstructive Sleep Apnea Device- Exclusively Printed by Burbank Dental Labs (Coming July 2018)

Introducing the CAD-Ray Obstructive Sleep Apnea Device, manufactured by Burbank Dental Lab.  This appliance is printed with an FDA approved material by an FDA certified lab.  They also happen to print thousands of surgical stents and models with a variety of printers.

You can submit your case digitally and the whole process is done without pouring up any models or suck-down stents.  Printing vs. milling also has a lot of advantages with faster turn around time and less cost.  Instead of delivering a device that has to meet minimum thickness requirements that inadvertently increase the patients vertical dimension, this oral appliance is ultra thin and durable.

In this video, you can see the required thickness of some materials that increase the vertical dimension to the pointy that they may cause discomfort.  Moreover, we can customize the design to include small hooks and knobs, in which patients can even use orthodontic rubber bands, reducing the bulk of the material significantly.

These cases can be submitted through the CAD-Ray portal for design, sent to Burbank Dental for manufacturing (printing), and returned to you in a short period of time.

[videopress GZJ0Hrac]