Clinux – New User Setup – Watch this First

Please complete these steps in order to successfully use CLINUX your first time

  1. Sign up for a Clinux account from the CAD-Ray webshop. Your Clinux login is THE SAME as your login. Sign up here:
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click “provide access” to the case folder in the top right
  4. Click your “Account name” Icon in the top right – go to preferences – case folder
  5. Change the folder to – This PC – C: – CLINUX – Case Folder (just highlight case folder) and click Select  – Your case folder is now set up properly
  6. Click Integrations 
  7. Click Download Clinux Bridge
  8. Download and install Clinux Bridge and Restart your PC
  9. Launch
  10. Start designing!

Use this Video To get your Clinux Setup Before using

Watch this Webinar for a comprehensive training