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Deleting The Raw Files in Medit v 2.1

syncing data in the cloud

A lot of our users are migrating to SSD Drives which greatly speeds up processing and graphics rendering in intense software applications. When you are capturing scans with the Medit i500 you can quickly fill up your hard drive with law videos (which is technically a series of thousands of images) and when you process the case, the data is converted into small 30-50 MB size digital models

In previous versions of the software that data was only stored on your local machine, which meant you could not log into another computer to add or edit your live video images. You now can sync the data through the cloud so you can access it anywhere, or you can delete the raw footage from the preview screen. In previous versions you would have to search hidden folders to find this data, but now it is readily available and you can dump the data with one click. You do not delete your models in this situation.