Digital Implantology

Join us for this very informative seminar that will you shape your future, as we teach you how to implement the top platforms that will help your practice grow in the next five years!

    • Guided Implantology
    • Digital Implant Restorations
    • Medical Billing
    • 3D Diagnosis

Dr. Armen Mirzayan, the founder of CAD-Ray Imaging, Implant Planning, and Stent Manufacturing Services will be conducting an event designed for CAD/CAM and/or Cone Beam users AND non-owners alike!  By attending this seminar, you will learn how to introduce new disciplines into your practice for procedures you can routinely perform in your practice.

Topics to be covered:

    • Get started with placing fully guided right away with any digital impressioning and CT system
    • Diagnose and treatment plan with cone beam CT technology
    • How we integrate Cone Beam and CAD/CAM data sets and what you need to ensure a successful surgical outcome
    • How to avoid costly mistakes and hundreds of headaches when purchasing a guided kit
    • Everything you need to appreciate about guided surgery will be presented so you can start utilizing our services or to outsource it
    • Digitally design and fabricate implant abutments and restorations
    • And much much more…

Course Title: Digital Implantology

Course Description:

With this hands-on 2-day seminar was designed by CAD-Ray, you will become skilled at every step of the digital implantology process. We will teach you how to use the BlueSkyBio software to treatment plan and design stents through CAD/CAM and cone beam data for tooth-borne and edentulous cases. We will cover their entire line of implants and teach you to become proficient at direct cut drills, by sharing innovative techniques to help you start placing implants immediately. Portions of this course will be presented in conjunction with “The Role of Cone Beam and CAD/CAM in Guided Surgery”.

Course Objectives:
Participants will learn:
• Mastery and nuances of the entire Blue Sky Bio implant product line including BSB Software, implant lines, drills and protocols.
• How to integrate cone beam and CAD/CAM data while understanding limitations
• Various ways to choose and design the proper surgical stent or where to refer your case for treatment planning
• Case presentations techniques for patient case acceptance
• How to design single implant, multiple parallel implant and edentulous cases with complete digital workflow
• How to create a digital copy of a denture for stent fabrication chairside and the multiple ways to utilize the duplication
• Impression techniques for multiple fixtures and multi-abutments
• Drill sequence for placing implants with BSB drills
• How to manage lab costs and obtain cone beam scans when you don’t own a CBCT machine