Step 1.  Go to your smart phone and download a 3D scanning app. You have a lot of options; we recommend the Trnio or the Belus3D as it is the only one that we have tested.  Android users can try 3D Scanner , which uses ToF sensor (Time of Flight- measures the time it takes for the light to bounce back to the camera).  We have no conflicts of interest and or financial involvement with any of these companies.  For best results, use great lighting.  Make sure you fit the face to the entire image frame. Do not place the face inside the inner circle, which leads to poor resolution

  • We recommend that you shave all facial hair prior to imaging
  • Please let us know if you wear glasses
scanning a face with a 3D app


Step 2. Watch this video tutorial that shows you how to utilize the scanner.  You are using technology called telegrammetry where images are taken from multiple angles and then they are stitched together to form a 3D model.  The images are generally uploaded to their server and a then the models is sent back to you.  You can save is as an OBJ file meshwork

Processing and sending the OBJ file by email

Step 3. Take a picture of a ruler or measuring take across the forehead so we can calibrate and scale the image.  The ruler is used to verify that the scale is correct when you submit your 3D model.  Once we receive your case we will design a custom mask and print it for you.  We need a photo of a ruler on a flat surface because we have to calibrate and scale the 3D object to it’s correct dimension. The mask is then designed and printed and shipped to  you


ruler used to scale the 3D image


mask printing with carbon printers

Step 4. Fill out this form and upload the file.  We have a team of volunteer dental professionals that will design the face mask that will seal your eyes, face, nose.  Please understand that this is an initiative to help and support and we do not guarantee anything. This product is not FDA cleared.  You are not purchasing anything here.  We do not want you managing patients with sub standard personal protection equipment.  We do think this is much better equipment than you are currently soliciting from the dental profession.  Very few of us utilize N95 masks

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Price: $ 350.00
* This device will be donated to Medical Personnel at Point of Contact. Contact us at for more information
* This device is not FDA classified yet and was developed as a response to the CLOVID-19 Epidemic.
* We recommend TWO masks and cold sterilize each one for 24 hours and alterante their use.
* You will need to purchase additioanl components from medical suppliers * Burbank Dental Lab is an FDA approved lab with mulitple high end printers (Carbon) and high end materials.
* Use at your own risk
$ 0.00

Your must purchase additional components to attach to the masks. You must also purchase filters that you can use up to 8 hours and then dispose of them. Here are some sample products you can purchase