Full Arch Scans and Clear Aligners from Medit i500 Scans

In this particular clinical case, the patient has opted to utilize clear aligners to straighten some anterior crowding. The Medit i500 was used to capture both the upper and lower jaws, and articulating paper was used to marked the clinical contact points.
The data was then taken to BlueSkyBio’s Orthoplan for design

[videopress R4wUvdiI]

In this video, you can see how we verify the accuracy of the occlusal contacts. In the software, you can open the articulated arches and look for contact points made digitally and you can compare those to the clinical marks left with articulating paper.

[videopress pElAEFGn permalink=”false” hd=”true” loop=”true” autoplay=”true”]

Once you are satisfied with the models and the correct occlusal scheme, you can export those models in STL, OBJ, or PLY formats and import them into a third party software. Here, we have them imported into BlueSKyBio Ortho Planning software. Download the case files and design along

Download the STL files
Download the OBJ files