Imaging Foundation and Fundamentals

Here are fundamental principles every dentist should understand about intra-oral scanners, how we can introduce errors, how to manage them, follow proper scan strategies, maintain accuracy across the arch and lots of other nuggets

Every ios hates moving parts (tongue and cheek)
Every ios hates dark areas like the oropharynx, black triangles, etc…
Every ios hates liquids (blood on the margins)
Every ios can “get off track” and form double images
Every ios struggles with highly reflective surfaces like emax, zirconia, and shinny metal.

The principles shown in the video address every one of these factors and how you can control them and get accurate arch scans in just a minute with the medit i500

I have tried virtually every ios out there and they all struggle with my mouth full of emax. the focal length of the medit from -1.5 mm to 17 mm is the largest variation on the market, and the way the medit handles highly reflective surfaces also outperforms every other ios.