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Jonathan Abenaim MUA’s and Powerball Screw now in iCam4D imetric library

There is a lot of focus nowadays on the connection between the screw and the MUA and top clinicians are recognizing this to be the most vulnerable part of full arch prosthetics.

An issue to consider the space between the green and the  blue arrows on the following photo and how some have designed solutions around the small area that is prone to chirping or breakage during milling or printing

“The powerball screw by  Dr Jonathan Abenaim is one of a kind. Finally a screw designed to skip the tibase with the material in mind. It is rounded to provide gentle forces that are transferred to the body of the screw instead of the weak threads where the the screw is the weakest. It has the ability to be used in Zirkonia and pmma with no tibase. Its angle can be corrected up to 20 degrees. With our proprietary biaxial screw head the screw head is robust and cannot be stripped.”

Powerball Design

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