Using Medit’s Articifical Intelligence Identification System to Capture Accurate Full Arch Impressions


How do i know if i have an accurate full arch scan?

watch this video- IGNORE THE FACT THAT IT IS ON A MODEL- just trying to demonstrate how you can achieve accuracy and how you can use medit i500 artificial intelligence implant abutment, scanbody, impression abutment, or here, a lab analog scan.

it is very simple; if i start at an abutment on one side of the arch and i have color coding that show great adaptation of digital geometric object and i scan all the way to the other side of the arch, and then i return to my original starting point and i have not altered the color histogram, i can rest assured that i have not introduced any inaccuracies. i can even bypass verification jigs.

game. set. match
medit is this decade’s winner with digital impressions technology. don’t sign for the one in vegas in a few weeks until you have taken a look at this and understand what is going.

Posted by Armen Mirzayan on Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Using Medit’s Artificial Intelligent Implant Suprastructure Identification System to assess the accuracy of a cross arch digital impression! long title but it had to be to do it justice

here we put all the pieces of a puzzle together to answer how you can capture full arch impressions for implants accurately (or inaccurately). As the user, you are completely responsible for not introducing errors or capturing the data correctly

The Medit i500 has features that help you not only capture implant suprastructures, where you can bypass the scanbodies all together which impedes capturing the bite correctly for a lot of people, but you can identify their location and margins, even if they are hampered by bleeding. Most importantly you can use them as landmarks to accurately capture very accurate full arch impressions.

Medit’s reliability map, implant suprastructure identification system, and matching histogram colors can help you drastically reduce or eliminate steps and errors in full arch digital implantology

Posted by Armen Mirzayan on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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