Managing the relationship between models / jaws

A new user recently asked us why the buccal bite is not exported along with the upper and lower jaws. The answer is rather simple and the attached videos demonstrate it in action.

When you take the buccal bite and save the case with the arches articulated to each other, the software assigns coordinates to the jaw models and maintains their relationship. So when you import it them into software like exocad or blueskybio, the arches are automatically aligned to each other.

The first video shows how a denture set-up in wax is scanned in meditlink and the articulated arches are imported into blueskybio. You can see the automatic alignment.


This video shows the relationship between two arches where a new vertical dimension is used for an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea. The upper and lower arch are aligned to each other at a new vertical dimension. That relationship is also maintained when the case is imported into another software.

[videopress jgv3PlcV permalink=”false” hd=”true”]