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Meditlink Direct Link into CAD-Ray Software (powered by exocad) With Opportunity to Edit Job Definition And a Two Unit Copy Case Like You Have Never Seen Before!

This case demonstrate some advanced features our CAD-Ray software provides for CAD/CAM users. We first launch meditlink and define the prescription. You can take your time and input your selection at this step, BUT we give you the opportunity to edit it when you launch the CAD software.

You will note that after the imaging is done, the CAD software is launched which allows us to change the job definition. You have two choices for utilizing the pre-op condition with our software; you can either use the pre-op as a reference frame for your design or you can copy it exactly as a replica. The latter is called “Digital Wax-Up” for exocad users.

What we have done is to program the software and its wizard to get you from the model step to instant proposals after you place your margins. We guide you through the steps and ask you to trim away anything you don’t want your proposals to replicate and to only leave behind a shell of the exact form and function you want to keep in your proposals. This instant proposal is a dream for most dentists. It is the quickest way you can get to a design and to fabricate a restoration