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Mixing Photogrammetry and Intra-Orals Scanner by Medit i500

To date, the literature and research clearly points out that full arch scans with edentulous arches are prone to inaccuracies.  That’s because we have never had a way to measure and verify models while scanning. There are two features unique to the Medit i500, namely the reliability map and the artificial intelligent implant suprastructure identification system.  Individually, they do not provide much information with regards to accuracy, but if you understand how they work, you can utilize them to assess accuracy while you are scanning edentulous arches.

We proved the validity of this concept by utilizing these two features by incorporating a scan from the imetric Icam4D scanner and merging its data with the IOS to render a perfect match.  Details are posted for our users in the Imaging Implants Section of our tutorial liabrary