DOF Craft5X Submerged Water Bath for x-tra Fast Glass milling


It’s a pretty well known fact that milling glass ceramic can be sensitive and, if not done correctly, costly, material and tool-cost wise.
What Armen Mirzayan and DOF Inc. have created for our customer base is essentially a foolproof submerged tank that allows the material to be submerged under water at all times, not even a nano-second allowed where there is a dry-mill, which is simply enough to cause tool-breakage or material droppage and which no other mill is currently capable of.
This specific part will allow for a more efficient milling session and, particularly, increase in tool longevity – without ever comprising the anatomical and marginal integrity of the prosthesis.
Engage and disengage in mere seconds. Also it doesn’t hurt the fact that it acts as another barrier to hold all the excess milled material for easier machine maintenance.
Combine this specific part with the right tools and specifically strategized templates, there you have your solution.



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