DESS Healing Abutment – Multiunit – RP – SKU 20.100


Platform Size:4.8
Platform Name:Multiunit RP

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This Is a  healing abutment comes with a screw that takes a Nobel® Unigrip/Star driver.

This can also be used as an extender the Multi Unit Abutment for imaging purposes, if there is too much tissue or bleeding to manage.  If you are using our ICam4D, the software can put out the stl in this format as well

It is compatible with the following multiunit connections: Nobel® Active, Replace, and Branemark (NP and RP), BioHorizons® Internal Hex and External Hex, 3i® Certain – Internal Hex, 3i® Osseotite – External Hex, Megagen® Anyridge (N style only), Neodent®, Hiossen® and DESS multiunit abutments. For more information on compatibility, please see our FAQ entitled multiunit.