Improved VITA Classical Shade Guide Replacement Tab (A3)



DESS ? Multiunit Abutments (MUA) are available in many connections. Compatible with the major brands existing in the market. They allow the height level to be raised and transform the connection to meet the needs of special clinical cases.? They are available in straight and angled (17? and 30?) versions, engaging and non-engaging, from 1 to 5mm collar height depending on the implant system. All of them are made with the Titanium Grade 5 ELI and some come with DLC coated screw.

The DESS Free Multiunit ? and Dess Uniabutment ? libraries allow the design of multiple screw retained restorations in most of the CAD/CAM systems.

This is a picture of a sample MUA with varying collar heights and angulation. Note that from the prosthetic margin and up, all the designs are identical (MUA RP) and the variation is only between the underbelly of the abutment to the head of the fixture


Take a quick look at the available MUA’s for full arch cases


Here is the full library of DESS Abutments



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