Roland DWX-53 DC


DGSHAPE takes a purpose-driven approach to the process of innovation. It’s a combination of product and opportunity that enables us to consistently deliver quality and value to the dental lab community. This well-structured solution is in a class of its own, the NEXT GENERATION of DWX…the new DWX-53DC.

Redesigned spindle for 3x gripping power
4mm tool for faster roughing of PMMA, exclusive to DWX-53DC
Includes dedicated extraction unit and connection cable
Built-in fully integrated webcam allows for real-time monitoring either on-site or remotely

Automatic-Disc Changer (ADC)
The DWX-53DC’s new enhanced disc changer has a 50% faster disc exchange for increased production with 24-hour milling capacity and capabilities. Load up to six material disc adapters to include a combination of materials to suit the needs of your business and let the DWX-53DC go to work.


All-New Redesigned, More Robust User-Replaceable Spindle
The DWX-53DC features an all-new redesigned, more robust, user-replaceable spindle for 3x tool gripping power for more efficient, predictable milling of PMMA applications. The user-replaceable spindle can be replaced effortlessly in a matter of minutes, without the need to call or schedule a service technician. No special tools, testing, or training are required.

Does not include CAM – Must be added



Accessories included
Power cord, power plug adapter, USB cable, manuals, Roland DG software package CD, detection pin, automatic correction jig, pin-type material adapter, hexagonal driver, spanner, milling bur holders, milling bur positioner, dust collection hoses, dust collection hose adapter, regulator, cleaning tool, optional adapter labels, six material adapters, material adapter rack

Accessories (Not Included)

Compressed air, vacuum, milling burs


2- years with product registration

Additional Information

Compatible CAM Open System/Architecture
Applications Crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, screw-retained crown, veneer, framework, denture base, implant bridge, night guard, surgical guide, and model


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