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The Single Greatest Advantage of Digital Dentistry Over Analog Impressions

In all of our courses, once every user gets comfortable with the software and the camera, we quickly ramp up to reveal the greatest advantage of digital impressions over analog ones. The premise is that digital impressions can create models of data (note the deliberate omission of words like teeth, tissue, etc.) that are independent of time and sequence, and moreover, you can edit or manipulate the captured information.

In this particular case, we demonstrate how the upper anterior eight were prepared and how the preps were captured over an extended period of time. You can appreciate how one case protect margins and preparations from introducing subsequent errors. You can also visualize how you can create models without following a certain pattern.

Once you understand this concept, you can apply multiple ways to tackle the most complex and comprehensive cases and treat them with ease. We would love to host you at one of our courses to teach these principles and how you can take ANY intra-oral scan from any device, take it to CAD software, and take it to ANY milling machine you want. Oh yeah, we can also teach you how to introduce CT data into the mix from any machine to handle an even bigger case.

Click on our courses and events to see future courses. We’ll be adding more dates very soon.

Separate from how we imaged the arches, we think the perfect place to “hand off” a case like this is when you have mounted your upper and lower jaws, the opposing, marked margins, and set the path of insertion. At this point, as a clinician you have provided all the information needs to proceed with the case.