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Automatic Scanbody Detection and Auto-Import Into Exocad and Immediate Fixture Identification

A new feature coming to Medit i500 is the automatic detection of scanbodies while you are imaging. In this clinical case, two implants are placed in the lower left quadrant in a fully guided fashion. Spacing limitations and proximity to vital anatomy did not allow for proper parallelism. This can create all kinds of headaches with analog dentistry where the trays can inadvertently lock in the mouth of distort upon poor up.

With the digital approach, you can scan the gingiva, the arch with easy access to adjacent contacts, and then the scanbodies themselves. What is great is that you do not disturb the primary stability you just achieved by placing physical forces on freshly placed implants.

Once the images are captured and the scanbodies are identified, we launch exocad and the data is not only automatically imported into the Computer Aided Design Software, it also plots the fixtures in the correct position and identifies their location and timing so you can proceed with the design of the custom abutment and / or tibase restoration.

auto-import of scanbodies into exocad and immediate identification of implant analogs