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Automation vs Flexibility and Control with the VHF Software- Your Choice!

The following two videos showcase a demonstration by VHF at the Greater New York Meeting in 2018. The software from VHF comes with a DentalCAM part and a DentalCNC app. You can nest your restoration in exocad and integrate with the milling machine, or you can nest and mill directly with the VHF software.

The VHF Z4 milling machine comes with an on-board computer. This video shows how we have remote desktop ed into the Z4 to launch the software for nesting and milling.


The biggest advantage of nesting with VHF and milling is that they happen simultaneously. If you nest in exocad, the math has to be done in that software and then transferred to the milling machine, but if you do it all in VHF, the milling process starts before the nesting algorithm is finished.