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Digital Copy Milling (Anatomic Wax Up) Vs. Scan Pre-Op Model

In CAD-Ray’s version of exocad, we have dramatically reduced the steps necessary to get a final proposal with copying a pre-op, mock up, or wax-up. We’ve configured the wizzard to walk you through the steps of defining your path of draw after margin placement, trimming away material you don’t want your proposal “to touch” and giving instant proposals.

There is one difference you need to be aware of in design modes; Anatomic Crown vs. Anatomic Wax up. When designing a crown, you can choose to include the pre-existing model in the equation. When you select “YES” to “Scan Pre-Op Model?” you tell the design software to incorporate that into the equation, but you will get a free form proposal and then you adapt it to the pre-op model. Alternatively you can choose Anantomic Wax Up and you will design an restoration in under a minute that is to your liking.

Digital Copy Milling Vs. Scan Pre-Op Model