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Digital Implant Scanbody Finding Tool by Medit i500 Paves The Way For Accurate Implant Impressions

medit i500 digital implant scanbody feature

The Medit i500 software can now identify a scanbody and digitally place a virtual one in its location. This has a lot of ramifications. For starters, this great opportunity affords a dentist the ability to image multiple implants in long span edentulous areas, where you would have a clear indication of distortion or artifact introduced during challenging scans.

In this single unit case in the video below, we preview this feature. Once the patient is anesthetized, the isolite was placed to protect the airway and the edentulous area was scanned.

After uncovery of the fixture, the type of scanbody was identified in the menu and the location of the scanbody was identified on the digital model.

Once scanning was resumed, the digital scanbody was placed on top of the intra-oral one. As more data was captured you can appreciate how steadily the software tries to adapt the physical fixture to the digital one.