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Medit i500 Used For Implant Planning in BlueSkyBio Software

medit i500 used for implant planning in blueskybio software

In this case presentation, we scan a patient with the medit i500 for implant planning and restorations in the upper left quadrant. At first, you will notice how the camera was slow to capture the arch due to water spots on the mirror of the camera tip. Once these water spots were removed, the imaging was rapid and the whole upper arch was imaged in just a minute.

Once the upper arch was digitize it was automatically merged with the dicom data from a ct scan in the blueskybio software. This automated step saves quite a lot of time and is rapidly becoming a reliable solution. It is imperative that you do NOT form a base or close holes in your intra-oral scans so that the software has an easier time to stitch the models together.

The implant case was designed and a surgical stent was fabricated for fully guided surgery. The lip line and the tooth position will be a challenge and the angulation will have to be corrected with an angled abutment