Closing Holes in Your Models After the Case is Processed and Virtual Wax-Up for Implant planning

This is a clinical case for implant planning for lower left first molar. The scans were taken with the medit i500. Although insignificant clinically, you there were some areas that were not imaged and the final model had holes in it.

If you are doing model less work, this is of no concern. But if you wanted to print models, you want to make sure you can generate water tight models. A new feature in V 2.0 is the option to close hole at the very last step of the design

Once the model is captured, you can then import it into any CAD software and design a digital wax-up for implant planning. What’s great is that when you save the restoration, and import it for implant planning, the restoration remembers its relationship to the jaw and aligns itself in the right position as you can see in the blueskybio software.

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