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Live Intra-Oral Scan Verification Jigs for Full Arch Scans and Global Accuracy

This is a detailed video demonstration that shows you how to capture full arch scans for multi unit implant cases in edentulous jaws and, more importantly, how to assess its accuracy.

this is a very controversial topic and most aspire to capture intra-oral scans without the need for a verification jig. to date, this has been impossible to measure during live intra-oral scans. you can only do so with trueness and precision studies on benchtops, with known reference frames.

All that changed this month with the launch of Medit’s AI (artifical intelligent implant suprastructure automatic identification) system. it is meant to primarily identify a scanbody and the location of the fixture. But we can use it to our advantage to give us a LIVE verification jig.

this is not comparing telegammetry to ios scans. it is showing how you can assess the accuracy of your live global scan, which was impossible a month ago. it should be readily apparent to you that every scanner on the market can produce accurate or inaccurate models, and the end result is completely up to the operator.

this invalidates most if not all studies to date that assess trueness and precision of intra-oral scanners because none of them can measure those values intra-orally. this is a new benchmark that all manufacturers should try to achieve now

live full arch verification jig

A summary and review of the above video

review of full arch imaging and accuracy verification

In this video we slowed the speed down so you can appreciate the subtle changes in the histogram

Notice microns worth of changes while imaging across the arch

This video shows the relationship of the two models to each other and the location of the implant suprastructures

matching models
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