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Milling Screw Access Hole and emax Abutment with Z4

The Z4 Milling Machine can drill emax, zirconia and metal abutments. You can use a scanbody, identify the location of the fixture, design the abutment and mill our either ceramic or metal as the abutment.

Metal abutments in the posterior molar areas, tibases in canine and premolar regions, and angled abutments in incisor area is the general consensus for restoration of choice

One of the greatest advantages of the Z4 is that it can start milling while it is doing the calculation for milling. Furthermore, you can load multiple designs in preparation of continuous milling. In the picture attached, the CAM software is shown which operates in the background. Most users don’t usually see this interface.

Here you can see how there are 5 drills for the machine. The top tier, consisting of 3 drills, labeled G240, G100, and G060 are all labeled as R. The G120-T and G060-T are used only for a screw access holes