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Upper First Molar Restored with Medit i500, exocad, emax, and VHF Z4 Milling Machine

In this particular case, we demonstrate an emax restoration fabricated with the Z4 milling machine by VHF. In the first video, you can see how the case was set up initially within the software. You will notice how we image the preop, image the opposing and can even image the bite out of sequence, all while the patient is being anesthetized.

Once the preparation is captured, we place the margins and design a crown in exocad. The emax is milled, tried in, and them placed in the oven for crystallization. It is then delivered to the patient. Note how the decay at the contacts of the adjacent teeth was drilled out and restored, while the crown was milling / crystalizing. An immediate post op x-ray was taken to make sure there was no resin left behin