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One Line of Code… (Line 3327 out 3620 lines)

making sure CAD software talking to CAM software correctly

Making sure that CAD software talks to the CAM software is critical for certain types of restorations. Simple crowns are fairly easy, but for crowns to fit to a milled abutment that needs to be indexed with the walls of an implant fixture, that is a much larger task. Here is an example of a simple error in code that resulted in lots of miss-mills and cost us hundreds of hours of trial and error to figure out. The incorrect nomenclature would prevent us from milling. Sometimes, it would actually make it to the milling machine but it would mill a completely different abutment than the one designed!


Once the abutment was milled out after correcting the line of code, it perfectly retrofitted the crown that was milled by CEREC MCXL (Celtra Duo material) and by the Imes Icore CORiTEC ONE (Vita Suprinity)