MasterMill Z4 by VHF for Single Appointment Dentistry at Warp Speed! Wet Milling Machine


Includes One Year Subscription to exocad software ($3000 Value)

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  • Shipping to anywhere in Canada, Mexico, and USA
  • Includes one year of exocad subscription
  • Works with any digital impressioning system
  • Fully integrated workflow with TRIOS Design Studio (3Shape), DWOS chairside (Dental Wings) and exocad
  • Integrated PC with touch screen and Wi-Fi – no laptop or tablet necessary
  • Self contained and built-in compressed air – no compressor needed



The milling machine is delivered, installed, and serviced by our partners at Talladium, Inc.

  • Includes CAD-Ray’s Chairside Computer Aided Design Software, powered by exocad for 1 year ($4500 Value) for designing inlays, onlays, crowns, 3unit bridges.
  • $1150 yearly cost for exocad DentalCAD base module (you can cancel at any time)
  • Additional modules such as implant designs, implant planning, bite splints, dentures, etc… available for purchase through
  • Includes CAM (Compute Aided Manufacturing) Software for Nesting and Machine Tool Operation. This means you can design your own restoration outside of exocad and still be able to mill them.
  • 2 years/2,000 hours warranty , which ever comes first
  • Talladium will manage delivery and maintanance
  • $300 for freight in continental USA
  • Taxes separate and state law dependent


The following parts and consumables are not under warranty:


  • Collet chuck Work-piece ? $327.60
  • Collet chuck Tool ? $199.70
  • Rubbers ? No price yet.
  • Water-tank coupling ? No price yet.
  • Wiper – $15.29



  • Controller Unit – $6550
  • Spindle – $5370
  • Measuring Key – $553.80
  • End Switch $46.00
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Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Product Features

Highest precision milling and grinding in ultra HD heavy industrial quality 3 microns repetition accuracy Fastest production restorations in under 10 minutes 2-second block insertion 100,000 RPM electrical high frequency spindle Unmatched reliability 100 percent engineered and manufactured in Germany comprehensive sensor technology to monitor all vital system functions webcam for remote monitoring Extremely economical clear water ? no additives necessary easy to learn, easy to operate worry-free 24-month warranty the perfect complement, made by vhf: long-life precision tools with competitive pricing Complete independence 30 block materials from 12 manufacturers ? and growing >?140 titanium and CoCr prefab abutments from 11 manufacturers validated with all established scanners and design software integrated PC with touch screen and Wi-Fi ? no laptop or tablet necessary built-in compressed air ? no compressor needed