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Virtual Extractions for Overdenture with Shining 3D

upper denture duplicated with shining 3d. only needed the occlusal and buccal surfaces as the case is for a lower overdenture over immediate extractions, on healed implants. went ahead and just duped the whole denture with the ios. very good results

took off lower temps and scanned lower jaw. remaining teeth were used for long term temp abutments while implants healed. digital extractions performed and right vertical dimension for digital prosthesis design

duplicating upper denture extra-orally

Full arch imaging of mandible in preparation of overdenture

lower arch scan for overdenture on healed abutments

buccal bite taken intra-orally to mount arches at proper vertical dimension.  you can see how the camera performs in this challenging case

intra-oral full arch bite with shining 3d

Digital extractions performed in preparation  for overdentures

virtual extractions for overdenture

Overdenture Design and Fabrication