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What are the Dental Project Files in exocad and Medit i500 Lab Software?

cam to cad files

When you start a case in exocad or in Meditlink, you have to define a project or define the job by entering a prescription.  A dentalproject file is created that has all the pertinent data, like the type of restoration, the shade, the material, parameter settings,etc..

exocad file types

After the case is designed a dental cad project file is formed, along with the stl file of the restoration, accompanied by the construction information.  Once the construction file is formed, the case can be import it into CAM software like cerec inlab.  It carries a lot of information like the margin line.

Some CAM software can process simple redirections without the need for any other pertinent information from the construction file, while others require it. Some are so specific that a simple typo or wrong character will lead to mis-production.

In the case of cerec inlab, it’s best to have the construction file accompany the stl of the restorations, although there are numerous work-arounds in case you don’t. Once processed, the restoration is taken to the Mcxl milling machine.

Why are we so focused on teaching this concept ? Because it is critical for milling metal abutment where you have to keep track of an object that is cylindrical and symmetric in shape.  The code in these files will dictate the indexing of the connections and how these abutments are milled.