What Software do you need with Your CT Machine?

At CAD-Ray.com, we have designed over 10,000 implant cases since 2013 and are very well versed in all things CT and Guided Implant Surgery related.  We are a doctor owned, peer to peer company with more experience and knowledge than any other distributor in the industry.

We utilize many different software like sicat by Dentsply Sirona, BlueSkyBio and the soon to be released exoplan by exocad.  We can hold your hand throughout the process and teach everything you need to know to successfully integrate and operate the CT machines, while leaving you room to delegate when you need to.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not need any fancy software with your CT machine.  All you really need is for the machine to capture the 3D X-rays that you can export and bring into any third party software you want.  By federal law, every CBCT machine must allow you the access to the scans.  So all you really need to look for is a machine that has a large field of view and a long term warranty.

We believe the machines we have selected to distribute satisfy those criteria.  We do know the CT world well as we have seen scans from every machine on the market and have owned and operated 5 CT machines at our imaging centers.