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Apple Heart Study Announcement with new Apple Watch Feature

My daughter has been on my case about getting her the new iphone. Apparently, she’s in grave danger because she has no more storage left because of her images and music libraries.  So I went over to the apple website to see the new phone but caught the live streaming part of the launch.  Only saw a few minutes of it, but a tremendous amount of energy and resources have been poured into cardiac screening with the new watch.

I’m going from memory here so this may not be accurate but the two things that caught my attention was how they will closely monitor resting hear rate and more importantly, they will look for spikes in heart rate when there should not be any.  The only word that was not spoken was apnea.  Clearly, the next step is going to be pulse ox, measuring blood sugar levels, and other health monitoring systems.

Here’s the video.  Watch from minute 27:30