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Launch exocad Direct from Medit i500 for Custom Abutment Design from an NT-Trading And Mill With The CORiTEC ONE

digital design exocad direct from medit i500 for custom abutment design

The Medit i500 intra-oral scanner has two different software programs to operate, one is of which is geared towards clinical dentistry and the other is geared towards laboratories. Our advanced users are encouraged to use the lab version as it has a lot more functionality. One of them is to directly link to exocad software.

In this particular preview we show you the interface where you can launch the iScan program and define the work order and set all the parameters for your restorations.

Once all the settings are chosen, you launch the Medit scanner and image the case. Here, we defined the custom abutment for the crown and the opposing, which activated the catalog box for the antagonist, the arch, the scanbody, and the buccal bite. All respective images were captured.

The models were then processed and exocad was launched for the design of the custom abutment and crown.

Once the implant type is identified then you can design the abutment and crown with great control, where you can contour the underbelly of the abutment to help provide tissue support.

The design and the construction file is taken to the milling machine. Here, we used the CORiTEC ONE to mill the titanium abutment and then the Lithium Disilicate crown. You can see the great internal adaptation when the crown and the abutment are flipped around completely and the abutment does not fall out.